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Hochwertige Wandverkleidung in einer Kantine.
Hochwertiger Ausbau von Fenstern, Türen und Innenaus­bauarbeiten einer Villa in München.
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Schreinerei Hegerl GmbH

Projects / References


Fire protection renovation in the Obermünster Diocesan Center in Regensburg

The project was completed in February 2020 after almost 2 years.

All-glass fire protection elements by Hoba with wooden door frames and stainless steel panel doors.

Requirements: T30, T90 and as smoke control element with building inspection approval resp. test certificate. What is unusual here is that the glass was slit into the walls and ceilings. The glass is integrated completely without frames.

Expansion of daycare centers and schools

Carpentry work during the summer holidays in the following areas: 

  • Windows
  • Facades – larch cladding
  • Doors – interior doors with built-in closet
  • Furniture – oak benches with backrests
  • Fire protection
  • High-quality and stable oak stairs

During the 6 weeks of summer vacation we were working at a total of 8 schools and 5 daycare centers in Bavaria, completing new constructions and renovation measures.

Renovating of a castle with modern wood

Fire protection door panels and solid wood windowsills made from oak.

1) Fire protection doors

  • T30-RS with inspection approval certificate
  • revolving door  with a small high-graded stainless steel frame
  • solid wooden doorframe
  • Lateral frameless wall connections
  • varnish-coated surfaces

2) Windowsills

  • 26mm 3 layer adhered oak boards
  • surface is impregnated with colourless oil

Large residential complex in Munich

After a construction period of almost two years we successfully completed another building project.
Services carried out:

  • About 400 wood and wood-aluminum windows and
  • about 100 wooden balcony gratings 

 In-house manufacturing and installation.

High-value interior works of a villa

"High-value completion of interior works including windows, doors and other inter­ior construction works in a Villa in Munich!"

  • Porch element in stained oak
  • Oak wood windows
  • Vanity made of stained olive wood with Corian wash basin
  • White lacquered flush-mounted interior door with magnetic lock

Refurbishment of a city hall

  • High-quality interior doors lacquered in white 
  • and all-glass walls with integrated wooden door frame
    provide a good room climate and an open atmosphere.

Reconstruction of the Riem Arcaden

We contributed to the customer rest rooms with the following:

  • Interior doors
  • fire protection wall coverings 
  • furniture

Please find more information about the Riem Arcaden at: www.riemarcaden.de


Benefit from Quality!

Munich area

  • Munich Airport
  • Deutsches Museum Munich
  • Bavarian Ministry of the Interior
  • Bavarian Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Forestry
  • Arcaden Pasing
  • Arcaden Riem
  • Alte Pinakothek Munich
  • Bayerisches Nationalmuseum Munich
  • Munich Central Library Am Gasteig
  • Technische Universität München (TUM)
  • Krankenhaus für Naturheilweisen – General renovation and extension
  • Hospital Munich - Schwabing
  • Klinikum München – Bogenhausen
  • Sports Center Unterföhring
  • Alter Hof
  • Police headquarters Munich
  • Nymphenburg Palace
  • Elementary and vocational school, Hirschbergstr. 33
  • Day nursery Maistraße 52
  • Hospital Munich Neuperlach
  • City hall Pasing
  • Cuvilliés-Theater
  • Muffathalle
  • City hall Garching
  • Tax authority building Erding
  • Elementary school an der Forellenstraße 5

Gewofag Munich:

  • Friedenspromenade
  • Isareck
  • Day nursery Taschnerstraße
  • Riem WA 2, Area 1 + 2
  • Residential complex Ramersdorf Mitte
  • Hanebergstraße
  • Piusplatz
  • Orffstraße
  • Wilhelm-Hale Straße
  • St.-Jakobs-Platz
  • Bauernbräuweg
  • Funkkaserne WA3

City of Freising:

  • Former school Tüntenhausen
  • Extension of the Karl-Meichelbeck secondary school
  • Domgymnasium Freising
  • City hall Freising

Regensburg area

  • Regensburg College
  • University hospital Regensburg
  • Regensburg University
  • Infineon Regensburg
  • Fürstenhof Regensburg
  • AOK Regensburg
  • Deutsche Rentenversicherung
  • Regierung der Oberpfalz
  • Dental surgery Prodens 32, Regensburg
  • Von-Müller-Gymnasium Regensburg
  • Albert-Schweitzer-Realschule
  • Elementary school Napoleonstein
  • Hans Hermann Schule Regensburg
  • Niedermünster Realschule Regensburg
  • General renovation of the educational center Kerschensteiner
  • Sports competition venue and break hall Sinzing
  • Realschule Neutraubling
  • Day nursery Nittendorf
  • Childcare Tegernheim
  • Fire station Bad Abbach
  • Kindergarden Laub
  • Day nursery Barbing
  • Kindergarden St. Leonhard Regensburg
  • St. Marien-Schulen Regensburg
  • Office for social affairs and family support
  • Former Augusten-school
  • Roter Herzfleck
  • Administrative court Regensburg
  • Police station Regensburg 1, Minoritenweg
  •  Johanniter-Kinderhaus Bernhardswald

Markt Regenstauf:

  • Kindergarden Regenstauf
  • Gym Regenstauf
  • Schloss Spindlhof Regenstauf
  • Day nursery Diesenbach

Markt Lappersdorf:

  • Fire station
  • New construction of a youth club building
  • Pfarrheim Hainsacker
  • Elementary school Hainsacker
  • Bischof-Wittmann-Kinderhaus Hainsacker
  • Socio-therapeutic Center
  •  Deutscher Alpenverein (DAV) rock climbing center Regensburg/Lappersdorf

And many more

  • Peter Maffay Stiftung- Sternstundenhaus Tabaluga Peißenberg
  • Audi Forum Ingolstadt
  • Willibaldsburg Eichstätt
  • Kelten Römer Museum Manching
  • Max-Reger-Gymnasium Amberg
  • Leopoldkaserne Amberg
  • Arnulf-Kaserne Roding
  • Extension and reconstruction of the secondary school for boys in Neumarkt/Opf.
  • Pflegerschloss Vohburg
  • Youth hostel Riedenburg
  • County court Kelheim
  • Elementary school and kindergarden Mühlhausen
  • Outdoor pool Dietfurt
  • Joiners in the Regensburg region
  • Private construction projects